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Individual add ons are available upon request, see below

Massage Packages

Taos Rocks Signature Massage

All massages include hot Himalayan Salt Stones
3 essential oils, vibrational healing of the sonic table and Hot Herbal foot wraps.

(1 Hr) $100

(1.5 Hr) $145

Taos Bliss

This Package Includes the Taos Rocks Signature Massage with Mini Facial.
Only Pure organic products are used to give your face a youthful glow.

(2 Hr) $200

Taos Bliss Facial

Only pure organic products are used.
Micro current, LED red and blue lights and sculpting wand will leave your skin firm bright and toned. You will feel relaxed with a radiant glow. Hand and foot massage included.

(1.5 Hr) $150

Taos Cups

This package includes Taos Rocks signature massage. Cupping dates back thousands of years. Cupping creates negative pressure and suction through both stationary and moving cups. This can help release pain and inflammation, increase blood flow and provide deep relaxation.

(1.5 Hr) $150

Taos Glow

This Package Includes the Taos Rocks Signature Massage and exfoliation of the whole body. Dry brushing makes the skin glow, eliminates toxins from the lymph system and aides in circulation throughout the body. It feels Amazing!

(1.75 Hr) $175

Taos Rain - Raindrop Therapy

Includes the Taos Rocks Signature Massage and 10 organic essential oils. They are applied to the spine and feet to heal, restore and rejuvenate the entire body.

(1.75 Hr) $200

Taos Hum

Includes the Taos Rocks Signature Massage with Tuning forks and crystals. These are applied to energy points on the spine, feet, and head. The resonance allows one to drop into their deepest relaxation.

(1.75 Hr) $175

Taos Two Step

Includes the Taos Rocks Signature Massage. Indulge your tired and achy feet with this luxurious treatment. Foot soak, scrub, reflexology and paraffin dip will leave you feeling refreshed.

(2 Hr) $200

Chakra Crystal Healing

Cyrstals and minerals placed on chakra points to clear and balance. A guided meditation is provided as well as hand-outs to continue the balancing once the session completed.

(1 Hr) $130

High Desert Body Wrap

Wraps are designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. Nutrient rich Klamath Blue Green Algae hydrates and detoxifys. Benefits of the wrap may include: Boosting of the lymphatic system and metabolism. Includes full body dry brush exfoliation.

(1.5 Hr) $150

with Taos Rock Signature Massage
(2.5 Hr) $250

with Mini Facial
(3 Hr) $300

Taos Magic

Includes the Taos Rocks Signature Massage. Dry brush exfoliation, tuning forks, paraffin dip for hands and feet. Raindrop therapy and Chakra Crystal healing complete this amazing treatment.

(3 Hr) $300

About AnaSalt StonesHimalayan Salt Stones

Add Ons

Paraffin dip for hands and feet - $40
Raindrop Therapy - $75

Full Body Dry brush - $35
Mini Facial added to any treatment - $75
CBD Massage Oil for pain and healing (Muscles & Joints) - $15

- For appointments not canceled with 24 hours' notice or no shows, we will still charge the full appointment fee.-

Skilled & Knowledgeable Intuitive Healer providing Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, and Massage

Ana Chavez

About Us

For more than 30 years, Taos Rocks Hot Stone Therapy has specialized in all forms of massage including hot stone massage, essential oil massage, deep tissue massage, and postural realignment. I am an Intuitive Healer who provides crystal healing, and chakra Healing. I also use unique healing modalities in all treatments. They include therapeutic-grade essential oils and vibrational healing in the form of tuning forks. I also use a massage table that heals with sonic vibration. The music goes through your body while you enjoy deep relaxation and a nurturing massage of your choice.

Learn More About the Owner

Ana Chavez

About Me

I have been a personal trainer working with all ages and fitness levels for over 30 years. My specialty is core training using different methods such as yoga, pilates, ballet barre, Les Mills CX™ and Aqua Fitness. I work with athletes as well as people recovering from injury and rehab from surgery. Call me to set up your appointment for 1on1 fitness training on land or in the water. I am an Independent Affiliate for Prime My Body™ Hemp Oil, the world's most effective hemp oil. Click here to learn more.

Personal Training

Herbal Foot Wrap
for Each New Client

Skilled & Knowledgeable Massage Therapist

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Bowl of Stones Woman with Hot Stones on Her Back Salt Stones

Your daily work and home routine may be taking its toll on your mind and body. Himalayan Salt Stones are the newest cutting edge therapy. Himalayan salt has tremendous healing properties; the body absorbs the minerals through the skin in hot salt stone massage. The salt removes toxins and heals the body, nurtures the nerves and imparts a feeling of complete relaxation.


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